Op deze pagina vindt U een uittreksel of samenvatting van een Goddelijke Toespraak, die Swami ergens in de wereld gegeven heeft.



As My mission progresses, more and more and more of you have to become like Me. If one Sai Baba could do so much in one lifetime, so many of you, if you can transform into Me, imagine what can happen! The power of the Spirit is always superior than the power of the limited physical self. Through each one of you, My spirit will move, talk, walk, serve, help and love. Allow Me to do that through you. Do not be an obstruction in My way. Do not let your little ego, attachments and selfishness come in the way and obstruct My free flow through your beings. That is all the seva that I ask of you. Just allow Me, just let Me work through each one of you by being hollow instruments without any obstruction.
16 September, 2017, Divine Visit to Australia, Page 24 (LINK)


I deem it to be the duty of every healthy person to help another who is sick. It is the greatest obligation of every educated person to help an uneducated one gain knowledge. It is the foremost responsibility of every person who is affluent to uplift those who do not have enough. It is the highest service of those who are well-fed to see that no one around goes hungry. If you follow these principles, then you are truly following Me and can call yourselves My followers. My followers must follow the path I have laid. This path is simple: love and service, love and service.
10 September 2017, Divine Visit to Fiji, Page 9 (LINK)


The past, present and future are like the pages of a book. I was told that Russians like to read books. This book is already written. The beginning, the middle and the end are already complete. The reader at the beginning will not know what happens in the end. However, page, by page, as he reads, he will get to know the story. Likewise, page by page, Swami’s leelas are manifesting, and slowly things are happening.

You may be on the first page or the tenth page, but you will not know what is on the fiftieth page unless you go through, page by page, and reach there. Swami, however, who is the author of this book, knows all the pages. He knows how it will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen and to whom it will happen. Everything is already known to Swami and has been written by Swami, so where is the scope for doership? Where is the scope for ego and attachment? He has decided what you have to do and kept it ready. All you have to do is surrender and obey. For those who have surrendered, there is no doership; things happen on their own – but, the mind of one who has not surrendered will be confused and miserable.
28 August 2017, Divine Visit to Russia, Page 20 (LINK)


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